XIV Conference of European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies
Trauma in Changing Societies:
Social Contexts and Clinical Practice

10-13 June 2015 Vilnius, Lithuania

Dear Colleagues,

We are proud and happy to welcome you in Vilnius, the Capital of Lithuania. This is going to be the first ESTSS Conference in Eastern Europe. Complicated history of this region will be an inspiring background for professional meetings, establishing new contacts, and an outstanding venue for meeting old friends.

ESTSS conference will reflect and represent research and practice diversity of European psychotraumatology. ESTSS conference organizers invite participants of the Conference to discuss the social context of trauma, including acknowledgement of trauma, social support, and linking traumatic stress field among different professionals and educating society about trauma and recovery.

The Conference will also focus on clinical practice. Although we know about remarkable resilience of majority of survivors, the burden of PTSD in Europe and around the globe is growing. With natural disasters, military conflicts, interpersonal violence, accidents and other traumatic events happening around the world there is a huge responsibility for professionals to provide the best care for trauma survivors suffering from stress-related disorders.

Warm wishes from Vilnius!

Dr. Evaldas Kazlauskas

Chair of ESTSS Vilnius 2015 Conference


Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the ESTSS’ Board, I would like to welcome all of you in our biannualconference wholeheartedly. Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania has hosted two of our Board meetings as well as the 2013 ESTSS Strategic Planning Meeting which gave shape to the vision of my presidential term. Throuhout this period, we have been busy fine-tuning the transformation in the governance structure of ESTSS. This process of transition – from a society built around voluntary individual membership to one of an umbrella organization for regional (mostly national) trauma societies – will hopefully facilitate professional collaboration all over the continent. After advisory exchanges with member society leaderships, the ESTSS Board has come up with a concrete proposal for a constitutional amendmend, which will be presented to approval in the General Membership Meeting during this conference.

Since its foundation, ESTSS has embodied an effort aimed at nurturing the
common ground in European psychotraumatology. Syncronization of knowledge and experience between all participants is key to achieve these ends, also as an inspiration for the future through scientific and clinical creativity. The ESTSS biannual conferences have and will continue to be one of the main carriers of this historical process. The European Journal of Psychotraumatology (EJPT), the official scientific organ of the Society, is celebrating its 5th anniversary.

We thank to Evaldas Kazlauskas (Chair of the Conference), the local organization committee, and the Lithuanian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (LSTSS) for the immense work to make this meeting a success.

Prof. Dr. Vedat Şar
President of ESTSS (2013-2015)


Dear Colleagues,

Vilnius University is proud to host the XIV Conference of European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. The meeting of the leading experts of psychotraumatology will contribute to the dissemination of the latest developments in research and practice in the field of traumatic stress studies. Vilnius University is one of the leading institutions of higher education in
Eastern and Central Europe.

With a more than four centuries history, the University is a unique witness to the history of the country, closely related with the periods of growth and decline and traumatic history of Lithuania. Despite all challenges and oppression we can also witness a remarkable resilience of the University and its community, which managed to provide leadership and innovations for the society.

Nowadays the University is in the midst of development of new structures for stimulating research and ensuring high position of the University in the European and global education and research area.

I wish you a successful and inspiring conference.

Prof. habil. dr. Artūras Žukauskas
Rector of Vilnius University


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