XIV Conference of European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies
Trauma in Changing Societies:
Social Contexts and Clinical Practice

10-13 June 2015 Vilnius, Lithuania

Abstract book of the XIV Conference of the European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies can be downloaded HERE.

Abstract book is only available online. Wireless internet access is available throughout the Conference venue and Vilnius University.



Abstract review notifications will be sent until 25 March 2015.





Abstract submission

Abstract should be no more than 200 words. Abstract should be structured in the following way: Background, Method, Results, Conclusions.

Submissions for oral presentations are limited to two oral presentations per one presenting author.

Authors of all presentations should select at least one topic from the list. Authors can also add additional topics relevant for presentation from the list of topics provided.

Please note that it is only possible to submit one abstract per one log-in. Submitting more than one abstract, please log-in to the online submission form separately each time. For every log-in use the same hyperlink (grey button above) and the same log-in details.

Presenters of Symposia should register abstracts as individual abstract submission indicating the title and Chair of Symposia in abstract submission form at the gap named „Tags“ (e.g. Symposia „Title of the Symposia“, chair Mr. Name Surname).

Chair of Symposia should provide a short summary of proposed Symposia as the separate abstract submission using the same on-line abstract submission system (button above). The summary should be added into the text box together with all abstracts titles and its authors.
(For example:
Abstract 1. “Title”, Author Surname, Co-Author Surname, Co-Author Surname
Abstract 2. “Title”, Author Surname, Co-Author Surname
Abstract 3. “Title”Author Surname, Co-Author Surname, Co-Author Surname, Co-Author Surname
Short description of the Symposia)
It is required to write down the word Symposia, the title of it and the author at the gap named “Tags” as well (e.g. Symposia „Title of the Symposia“, chair Mr. Name Surname).
If the person is going to take both roles to chair a Symposia and to present one of the Symposia presentations he/she should also submit his/her abstract as individual abstract submission according the requirements provided above in addition to the summary of the Symposia. 



Oral presentation
15 min. presentation of research results, case study, or new practices within traumatic stress field.

Poster presentation
Poster with presentation on research study results, case study, or new practices within traumatic stress field.

Panel discussion
Discussion on controversial topics or new developments in traumatic stress field.

Authors of presentations are highly encouraged to submit a group of presentations under one topic as symposia in the field of trauma practice or research. Four oral presentations are recommended for a Symposia.

Keynote presentation
State of the art presentation by leading experts in traumatic stress field.

Pre-conference workshop
Practice or research


Please find the list of abstract topics below:

1. Childhood abuse
2. Inter-generational trauma
3. Developmental trauma
4. Political violence
5. Holocaust/Genocide
6. Disaster
7. War/Military
8. Terrorism
9. Industrial
10. Cross-cultural
11. Sexual abuse
12. Trauma and journalism
13. Secondary traumatization
14. Domestic violence
15. Evidence-based treatments
16. Emerging treatments
17. Process of treatment
18. Case studies
19. Psychopharmacology
20. Comorbidity
21. Diagnosis/Classifications
22. Complex trauma
23. Assessment
24. Social support
25. Trauma resilience
26. Posttraumatic growth
27. Prevention
28. Methodology
29. Ethics
30. History
31. Theory
32. Biology of trauma
33. Physical health

Please be reminded that it is the author‘s responsibility to submit a correct abstract. Any errors in spelling, grammar, or scientific fact will be reproduced as typed by the author.
For any additional necessary corrections or questions you are welcome to contact Conference Secretariat at secretariat@estss2015.com.